Subscribe & Save Auto Ship

Our Subscribe & Save service allows you to place an order for one shipment now and receive four additional shipments later. You can choose once a month, two months, or three months. You'll receive 25% back on today's shipment then receive 15% off future shipments.

How do I start?
Place an order like you usually do. When on the Checkout page, click 'yes' for recurring orders. Complete your order as usual. We will contact you via phone about your Subscribe & Save set-up.

Can I choose the quantity of each shipment?
We will automatically ship the same number of items you order today. If you order 500 business cards today, your recurring shipments will be of 500 business cards.

When can I cancel?
You will receive a total of five shipments. After that your shipments will automatically stop. You cannot cancel before all of the shipments are completed.

Can I continue my Subscribe & Save service after the five shipments?
Yes, you can either place another Subscribe & Save order or call us to make arrangements.

How often will I receive my additional shipments?
You can choose to receive your future shipments:
  • every 30 days
  • every 60 days
  • every 90 days
Can each shipment be of a different file?
No, each shipment will be a duplicate of the first shipment.

Can I change the items in each shipment?
No, each shipment must be a duplicate of the first shipment. If you ordered 1000 letterhead and 500 business cards in your first shipment, each additional order will be of the SAME 1000 letterhead and 500 business cards.

Does the discount apply to shipping and handling?
You will receive a 25% refund on today's order excluding shipping and handling. Then you will receive 15% off each of the four future orders excluding shipping and handing. If you today's order is $29.99 + $8.24 s/h, you will receive a refund of $7.50. The four future orders will be $25.49 + $8.24 s/h.